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A bit about me, my family, and how this influences my approach to philosophy.

I am an Assistant Professor at Florida International University, with research interests in political and legal philosophy, as well as ethics, medical ethics,  human rights, and the philosophy of biology. I earned my BA in philosophy and literature from St. Francis Xavier University (a small liberal arts college on the north shore of Nova Scotia), my MA in philosophy from York University, and my PhD in philosophy from Boston University.

One way to understand my approach to philosophy is to understand a bit about my family. My mother returned to university late in her career to earn her PhD in education from the University of Toronto (she currently is an associate professor in education). My father holds a P.Eng from Queen's University and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business. My younger brother holds an MA in economics from the University of British Columbia, and currently works as an economist for Global Affairs. And my older brother holds an MSc in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario and is currently pursuing his PhD in management at the University of Ottawa. The long and short of it is this: the barrier to entry for dinner time conversations is high, and your work will inevitably end up cutting across disciplinary boundaries by the end of the meal.

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