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On Teaching

When I was an undergrad I took a course on poetry. The take-away was simple: 'form fits function.' In poetry, this means the form of the poem (e.g., whether it’s an ode, elegy or ballad) should reinforce what the poem communicates (e.g., a moral, an image, or an emotion). I think the same can be said about teaching. The form of instruction should reinforce the course's desired learning outcomes. Paying careful attention to the form of instruction leads students to self-realize the course's learning outcomes--fostering the deep learning required for their education to actively shape their lives.

I have taught courses as an instructor on the Philosophy of Law, Medical Ethics, Political Theory, and Introduction to Ethics. I am also excited to teach courses in Political Philosophy, Ethics,  Human Rights, the Philosophy of International Law, and Logic. (Click here to view some sample syllabi.)

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On Improv

During my time in Nova Scotia, where I attended a small Liberal Arts university, I founded and coached an improv team at the local high school. This cemented in my mind the value of service, and was formative to my approach to teaching. Here are some thoughts from my students on my coaching (see video).

Teaching: About
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